The Best Money Saving Tip Ever

The Best Money Saving Tip Ever | If you've ever felt like you can't get ahead, no matter what you do, you might just be failing at this one simple thing. Do you have what it takes to gain control again?
Are you ready for this?

This is the biggest money saving thing we have ever learned and implemented in our financial lives. Since we started following Financial Peace University almost seven years ago, we learned to tell ourselves...!

I know!!!

Too lazy to cook dinner? Want to spend too much on dinner out or pizza in?

Just say no.

Tired after a long day and want nothing more than to hit the salon for a mani-pedi?

Just say no.

Blow through your spending money but now there's a new movie coming out that you just can't wait to see?

Say no.

Car having a rough time and thinking about trading it up for a newer model with a newer price tag?


Sounds easy, you say.

I know it sounds easy, but have you tried it?

It's anything but.

When we first started telling ourselves no, the half-grown woman-child inside me started throwing a hissy fit like you wouldn't believe. She'd whine about how much she needed that book or those new curtains. She'd glance sidelong in the mirror and remind me how hard we worked to lose those five pounds so, of course, we needed to spend money on new clothes. She cajoled, she threatened, she cried. She tried everything she knew to try.

But my dear husband and I were united. And over time, with a lot of self-control, his inner selfish child and mine were squashed. We learned to say no. We learned to wait, to assess what was really important, to give ourselves time to realize whether it was an impulse or a real desire.


And the most incredible part?

Once we learned to tell ourselves no to spending, it became easier to tell ourselves no for that extra helping of dessert or that next episode on Netflix. Waking up earlier wasn't as difficult. Selflessness came just a tiny bit more naturally. And shopping stopped being something we did for fun and became something we did out of necessity.

We learned to actually do things for fun. Walks. Bike rides. Puzzles. Games with our kids. Reading together. Our first thought on a free Saturday wasn't 'Let's go shopping.' It was 'Let's go play outside!'

Ready for a major life change? Then say yes to saying no!

Blessing upon blessing,


Tell me in the comments: What's one of the most difficult things for you personally to say no to? For me, it's the dinner thing. I'm not much of a cook already, so when I'm tired and the meal plan isn't done or groceries are running low, all I can think about is how easy it would be to order in....


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