There are a lot of products out there to make a mom’s life easier. There are also a lot of products out there that are clever ploys to trick you out of your hard-earned and hard-budgeted money! This page includes links to some of the items and programs I use regularly and find to be well worth the money.

These are affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission if you purchase anything through one of them, but it doesn’t cost you any more than it would otherwise. Affiliate programs enable me to earn a little cash from my blogging efforts so that I can continue to give you my best advice and research free of charge. You are my top priority, Mama,  so I promise you I will never link to a product I don’t love just to get your money. 

I hope you find something useful here. Feel free to email me with questions about any of these or other items. I’ll happily offer you a more comprehensive review if you’d like. And thank you for supporting this blog with your time and attention.



How Children Learn by John Holt – This book has helped me see the way my kids play as more than just play. Each moment is a learning activity. The things in my home are meant to be used and handled and I’ve gotten a lot less stressed about allowing my kids to handle items, even teaching them to use things I didn’t think they were ‘ready’ to use. (They were.)

Kiwi Crate – We love our monthly Koala Crates! When I ordered our first box at a discount, I expected to find a fun, but overpriced, box of cheap crafts, things I could make with supplies from the dollar store. But I was wrong and I’ve been paying full price for them ever since because they are so WORTH IT! My kids love the projects and the included magazine-style book, and I love the high-quality materials and time the girls spend playing with them!

 Use Code: SHARE30 for 30% off your first box!


Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti by Bill & Pam Ferrel – The book that taught me “Nothing” is an acceptable answer when I ask him what he’s thinking about.

Mom Life:

Organization/Sanity Savers:

Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal Notebook – I use my bullet journal literally every day. Having a place to jot down reminders, notes, schedule things, and thoughts, frees my brain up for the important work of staying healthy and living my best life.

Micron Pens – These are the pens I use with my bullet journal. They are high quality, fast-dry, no-bleed artist pens. Using them releases this artistic side in me that doesn’t see the light of day very often. Just don’t let your kids use them! They are very easy to ‘bam’, as my kids say when they smash the tip of a marker.


Tailwind App – I use this awesome program to schedule out my Pins on Pinterest. That way it looks like I’m working even when I’m actually playing dress up with my kids, or sleeping. Mmm, sleep. If you decide to use this for your home business, I highly recommend also signing up for Tailwind Tribes. Tribes helped me exponentially grow my viewership on Pinterest.


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